We offer facades from renowed companies with certificate such as: Plastform, RÖFIX and Knauf insulation. Some of the products we offer are Unistar Light, IA622 and W50 glues, and acrylic, silicate and SISI final layers.

We offer Wienerberger bricks in multiple dimensionsand chimneys from PGM (TMI, TMD, etc.)

We offer bitumen waterproofing from Katran, various dimpled sheet dimensions, hydroisolation Rofix Optilastic, Stigolit from Stig, as well as quality silicone from PCI and Ceresit.

We offer all kinds of roof, wall and floor isolation made of polystyrene, mineral wool and other materials.

In stock: rods, laths, boards, paneling, floorboards, OSB boards. Roof beams avalible by order.

We offer all the necessary electrics for houselholds. All other materials can be ordered on demand in short time.

Drywall, various metal profiles, smoothing solutions, vapor barriers, drywall screws and other various materials for applying drywall.

We offer HDPE tubes, household water system tubes, street sewerage tubes, drainage tubes, various traps and taps, as well as other water system accessories.

Reinforcement mesh and bars from Ø6 to Ø14 and other various reinforcement materials.

We offer a large selection of construction tools for both professionals and small DIY jobs.

Great selection of screws and other accessories (washers, nuts, anchors).

We offer roof foils and other roofing equipment.